Monday, January 22, 2007

Thai Fish Satay

Friday night dinners are usually out or we order in a pizza. This friday I did not want to eat out and no pizza either. I had this strong urge of eating thai. So thought would make simple... Chicken Satay and Red Thai curry with Jasmine rice. But as evening approached, I had this tempting need to taste the same spicy n tangy drunken noodles that I had in Vegas at Krung Thai!! I could actually taste them... hehe!

So I set out googling and after going through tonnssss of recipes, I made a rough sketch in mind how I would make mine!! As usual hubby dear asked me what I was preparing. When told about the drunken noodles.. he was like.. and what about appetizers???! I was like hmm... chicken satay maybe? He was like nah... feel like eating some fish!! Now I had no clue what thai appetizer I could make with fish! And I was already in the kitchen and had no time to google.

Hubby dear suggested I make something on my own.. get creative! He believes that when I try something new, it usually is nice. So I hesitantly decided to make Fish Satay... on the lines of Chicken Satay... but with a difference!

And it turned out amazingly goood!! Yuummooo :)

All Approx
2 fish fillet (I used Tilapia)
2 tbsp chopped garlic
2 1/2 tbsp peanut butter
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp Thai Red Curry
1/2 tbspn red chilli flakes
1 tbsp fish sauce
A pinch of sugar
Pinch of turmeric
6-7 Basil leaves, chopped
Salt & Pepper
4 tbspn water

  • Marinate the fish with all the ingredients except basil.
  • In a hot pan, add some olive oil and shallow fry the fish.
  • When it turns crisp and brown, turn around and fry.
  • After its done, place it on the serving dish.
  • to make the sauce, add the leftover marinate and water in the pan and **deglaze the pan.
  • Add basil and stir till the basil wilts and pour over the fish.

**This means liquid is added to loosen and dissolve the brown bits and pan drippings at the bottom of the pan that form during cooking and basting. This pulls all the flavor possible out of the cooking process. Deglazing liquid is usually broth, a marinade, or wine. Deglazing is the first step when cooking many sauces.

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