Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fruit Cake with Rum

Yum... fruit cake or Plum cake as it is known in India has been on of my favouratie cakes since aI was a kid! When I think of plum cake I visualize the dark brown cakes we used to get in the grocery (yeah grocery.. aka kirana stores and not bakery!) stores.. ofcourse without rum!! But rum in cakes always facinated me and reminded me of the specialty cakes from the high end bakeries!! So I searched and searched for a Fruit cake with rum recipes.. book marked atleast 5 and then finally settled for this one!

I had planned to bake this cake for christmas, but since Christmas was falling on a monday (I dont eat eggs on monday and this recipe calls for an egg) this year... i mean in 2006 :) I pushed it to bake it for New Years.. but then I had still not purchased the RUM!! ..and I was not going to bake this cake without rum!! And hubby was insisting on having rum in the cake too...

So after pushing it way to much.. I baked this cake atlast last week. I got this recipe from this site. I have been a long time admirer of Archana and have been wanting to bake atleast one of her cakes. And so I decided to start of with the fruit cake!! I just altered it a bit...

The alteration I made were:
  • I didnt have cake flour, so substituted it with 1 cup minus 2 tbsp all-purpose flour (maida) flour.
  • Instead of shahajeera I used nutmeg powder
  • Instead of golden raisins, I used chopped dates
  • Instead of cherries, I used a mix of tutty fuity and fruit peels
  • I added 1 cup of chopped almond
  • And I did not use any cashews.
This batter made a 9*13 pan cake and I baked it for 1 hr. And I brushed the cake with rum for 3 consecutive days... yummmmm!!!

I have been enjoying the cake since then... HEAVEN!! Herez a closer view of the cake showing how nice n soft it is..

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