Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone!!!

I have been religiously browsing through many a food blogs since past few months. Always wondered if I could create my own blog too but always held back. My thinking was... am I good enough to create a food blog?? But then somewhere I remember reading that these blogs are not just a web page showing your culinary skills, but also a food diary.

Then after lot of convincing from dear hubby & friends, I have dared to create this blog. Am a novice in blogging and am hoping to learn as I go ahead :)

First step was to come up with a blog name. After a lot of pondering, I came up with this name. For me food is all about aromas n flavors and lingering tatstes... tickling your taste buds and bringing back memories associated with them! And hence this name!


Anonymous said...

hey babes...lovely to see these mouth watering dishes yaar....i wish u were here...i wud get to taste them too :)

Shubha said...

Hey Such.. u r the first one to leave a comment on my blog!! I hope I can prepare some dishes for you some time soon :)